Elixir Regex


ElixirRegex.com was initially created for the Phoenix Phrenzy contest to showcase Phoenix LiveView. It was something that I had wanted to make for a while anyway, so this seemed like a perfect time with the perfect technology to create it. Hopefully you find it useful! I know I'll be using it regularly.


Geoffrey Lessel

made it work

Geo is the author of Phoenix in Action, a developer at Planning Center, and a wannabe renaissance man. Read his sweet tweets at @geolessel and blog at geoffreylessel.com. If you're ever in the San Diego area, hit him up!

Josh Wilkerson

made it pretty

Josh is a frontend designer/developer at Planning Center, and lives in Franklin, TN. When he's not creating sparkling UI interfaces, you'll probably find him at one of the many BBQ or Hot Chicken joints in Nashville (or running to burn it all off). Also occasionally tweeting at @jgwilkerson.